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Data Capture

What’s scanning got to do with data entry?

Why should users consider outsourcing data entry services? In just one word – Accuracy. 

When you outsource your data entry services, you not only gain accuracy but also receive timely, consistent, and scalable data delivery. 

An outsourcing organisation that consistently handles data extraction understands the importance of meeting deadlines and maintaining uniform data formatting, which facilitates efficient data mining of metadata. Delivering information in a consistent manner involves using predefined spreadsheets, keywords, and, where applicable, a common thesaurus or vernacular. This consistency plays a vital role in making information accessible across the entire organisation. 

But what does scanning have to do with data entry? 

Scanning serves as the initial step toward enhancing efficiency. Through intelligent recognition software, or in cases where information is handwritten, scanned images are distributed across multiple workstations. This approach allows more operators to engage in data entry. Our data entry personnel view the document image onscreen at eye level, which is a departure from the traditional approach of looking down at a physical paper record on their side. 

To achieve the utmost accuracy, we generally conduct double verification of all data. 

Double-verified keying involves two operators extracting data from the same image. The resulting data sets are then overlaid. Software applications analyse these two datasets, identifying exceptions. These exceptions are visually evaluated by a third and final operator for validation. This meticulous process ensures we achieve accuracy levels of 99.8 percent. The remaining 0.2 percent error arises when, for instance, an “a” might resemble an “e,” and both operators have keyed it that way. 

In house data entry might be considered one of the most challenging tasks within an organisation. By outsourcing to Microsystems, you gain access to specialists in this field. Our experienced data entry personnel work in harmony with our software applications and methodologies, resulting in output that is exceptionally accurate and consistent. 

The reality is that in house data entry tends to be single-keyed and prone to inaccuracies. However, our established processes at Microsystems elevate the accuracy of our data entry services.