What’s scanning got to do with data entry?

Outsourcing Data entry services, what are the real benefits from a user’s perspective?

In one word – Accuracy.

In outsourcing your data entry services, what you additionally receive is timely, consistent and scalable data delivery.

When you outsource to an organization that is consistently undertaking data extraction they understand the significance of deadlines, consistent data formatting to enable the ability to data mine the metadata.

That consistency in the way that we’re delivering the information using predetermined spreadsheets, keywords and where possible a common thesaurus or vernacular is a very important element for making all of that information available across the entire organization.

What’s scanning got to do with data entry?

What scanning provides is the start point for efficiency. Because what we can then do is utilise intelligent recognition software or where the information is submitted as handwritten data disseminate those scanned images across multiple work stations to get a lot more operators doing data entry, our data entry personnel are looking vertically and at eye height at the document image onscreen rather than down at their side and trying to extract from the physical paper record.

Generally we double verify all data to achieve the highest levels of data accuracy possible.

Double-verified keying means that two operators are doing the data extraction from the same image and then we overlay the resulting data. Software applications then analyses the 2 data sets looking for exceptions, the exceptions are then visually assessed by a third and final operator for validation.  This gives us 99.8 percent accuracy levels. The .02% error occurs where an “a” may look like an “e” or vice versa, and both operators have keyed it that way.

Inhouse Data Entry may well be the worst job within your own organization, if you outsource it to Microsystems we are specialist in that field, we’ve got experienced data entry personnel that are enthusiastic, when combined with our software applications and methodologies our output is extremely accurate and consistent.

The reality is with inhouse data entry, is it’s single keyed and inaccurate, but with the processes Microsystems have in place, it enables us to be a step above with the accuracy in our data entry services. We’ve been doing it for 40 years now.