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Extract data from paper documents or computer images effectively

Microsystems offers a form processing service that leverages cutting-edge technology. This technology empowers us to handle documents originating from computer images or traditional paper-based sources, converting them into machine-readable data.

Our forms processing service goes beyond basic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities. It encompasses a range of advanced techniques, including Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), and Bar Code Recognition. These features enable us to extract diverse forms of data effectively.

While forms processing grants us powerful recognition abilities, it also oversees the entire lifecycle of the document. This encompasses tasks such as scanning, data extraction, image archiving, and retrieval.

Forms processing proves most advantageous when dealing with recurring paper document types. If your company routinely receives and processes numerous forms of the same kind daily, extracting consistent data for database entry, forms processing becomes an efficient solution. By reducing form handling costs and minimising transcription errors, this process streamlines operations.

Types of form processing

  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR): Applied for recognising hand-printed data.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Utilised to recognise machine-printed data.
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR): Similar to Mark Sense, these objects contain printed letters or characters. Ideal for questionnaires, multiple-choice forms, and surveys.
  • Check Boxes: Enables the interpretation of marks within circles, squares, or ovals.
  • Drop-out Boxes: This technique involves printing form boxes in the same colour as the scanner’s light source, causing them to become invisible in the final image. This isolation technique aids in recognising handwritten characters.

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