Forms Processing

Microsystems form processing service in Sydney offers technology that enables us to process documents generated from computer images or directly from paper-based documents and convert them into computer readable information.

Forms Processing does not only involve basic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) but allows us to do a lot more to extract data, including recognition of data such as Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Bar Code Recognition.

Whist Form Processing gives us recognition capabilities it also manages the complete lifespan of the document from scanning to extracting the information, image archive and retrieval.

Forms processing is of most value when you need to process the same paper document type more than once. It is a justified process if your company finds that it receives and processes hundreds of the same types of forms every day and extracts the same type of information to place into a database. Forms processing reduces form handling costs and transcription errors.

Types of Form Processing:

  • ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition – Used for hand-printed data recognition.
  • OCR – Optical Character Recognition – Used for machine printed data recognition.
  • OMR – Optical Mark Recognition – Similar to Mark Sense, however, these objects have a letter or character printed in them. Used for questionnaires, multiple choice, surveys.
  • Check Boxes – Allows us to read marks in circles, squares or ovals.
  • Drop-out-Boxes – This is when the boxes on the form are printed with the same colour as the light source on a scanner so that the boxes drop out or are not visible in the final image. This technique is used to isolate hard-written characters from the form for Recognition.

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