Images of a document size A2 and under are able to be OCRed. 

PDF or PDF/A conversion of images is able to be provided dependent on our client’s needs.

Microsystems use the most accurate OCR Applications available at the present time.

We utilize TWO World Standard applications as they have different attributes:

CVision PDF Compressor is currently the most awarded OCR Application available, this application auto rotates all images for correct Orientation and optimizes each Image to enhance OCR Recognition prior to undertaking the recognition process which is fantastic for files with a mix of Landscape and Portrait Images.

InputAccel from EMC  utilizes 6 OCR Engines to assess each Character on the page to provide the most accurate determination rates possible. In fact the “Engines shake hands” and negotiate the correct character which results into exact search results.

Microsystems's Sales Team will make recommendations for opportunities where OCR will benefit your organization taking into account the Document Type and usage pattern associated will each record type.

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