About Us

About Us

Established in 1975, Microsystems today is one of Australia’s most respected names in the Document Scanning Industry, Microsystems are Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2015 Standard. From facilities based in Sydney, Microsystems provides a comprehensive array of services for the capture of all document/paper sizes and conversion of Microfilm/Microfiche to digital images.

Our Services embrace Secure Web Delivery, Cloud-Based Records Management incorporating Workflow, integration to existing EDM/ECM Platforms, SharePoint as well as the supply of  free Runtime Retrieval Software as required. The Equipment & Software we use is at the leading edge of technology, with Microsystems taking particular pride in ensuring quality without compromise. This shows at every stage of our operation. The technology within Microsystems permits extreme flexibility in adapting our solution to ensure the optimum answer for each client needs.

Apart from technical achievement, Microsystems has a well-earned reputation for resolving records issues beyond simply the reduction of storage space, we take a holistic approach to the life cycle of our client’s records from creation through to archiving and make recommendations for efficiencies and cost savings.

These initiatives go far beyond document conversion as such, to include Vital Records Assessment, Workflow Initiatives, Record Retrieval, Data Extraction options and resolving the issues associated with Change Management when companies migrate from a paper-based to image-based retrieval method.

Our Staff have a comprehensive understanding of the State Records Act, GIPPA, and The Records Retention Schedules for Government agencies, The Evidence Act, Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts. Each of the above need consideration in conjunction with the usage patterns for any given document type, Microsystems forte is in collaborating with the Organisation to achieve compliance and delivery of the records ready for use across your I.T network.

For our customers, this adds up to a service that delivers brilliant results with cost-efficiency and confidence.

The benefit of productivity gains and enhanced security against loss delivered from scanning paper or legacy microfilm records are enjoyed by a broad spectrum of clients, from both private and public sectors. We provide face-to-face liaising with Department Managers to ensure the successful deployment of images into all EDM platforms; our ability to talk the language of records solutions rather than pure I.T. jargon is invaluable for minimizing what is normally real reluctance to change.

From a long-term perspective, Microsystems provide the integration services for the supply & installation of scanning equipment to service the daily needs of the Front Service Counter, the Mailroom or any department within the organisation creating & receiving hard copy documentation. Microsystems have dealer status for every Document Scanner available in Australia; these include Canon, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Xino, Bell & Howell, Kodak, Ricoh, Photomatrix in the A3-A4 sizes and OCE, Kip, Xerox and Ricoh in the Wide Body Scanners.

This provides an unparalleled level of customisation to our clients as we are not obliged to promote one product line or software platform and can focus on the requirements of the records in question and the solution required. We provide comprehensive conversion services incorporating Forms Recognition, OCR. PDF-A and extensive Double Verified Data Entry Services.

Our Scanning Department has a capacity exceeding 350,000 A4-A3 images per 8-hour shift; this is combined with the qualified staff that understands Record Systems.

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