Paperless Office

The benefits of scanning your corporate records are wide-ranging and go well beyond simply reducing documents stored within the office area, The efficiency and costs savings that are achieved from easy fast access to records by all staff are significant.

Microsystems can provide comprehensive document scanning services for any large backlog and give you the correct solution to achieve an ongoing paperless environment.

Our Sales team has many years of Records System Experience and can advise on the most appropriate model for the solution required.

We have dealer status for almost all Document Scanners available in Australia; these include Canon, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Xino, Bell & Howell, Kodak, Ricoh, Photomatrix in the A3-A4 sizes and OCE, Kip, Xerox and Ricoh in the Wide Body Scanners.

In addition, we have available a wide variety of document scanning software to create, store and retrieve images and data, The platform choice today is vast and choosing a product that will be supported is critical to the success of your Records Management and Disaster Recovery Strategy.

The Software Platforms in our portfolio have been chosen for their functionality, performance, scalability and ease of use.

This provides an unparalleled level of customization to our clients as we are not obliged to promote one product line or software platform and can focus on the requirements of the records in question and the solution required.

Storing documents as electronic files overcomes all the shortcomings of a paper archive in one hit. Filing space is more or less eliminated, Document retrieval time is as long as it takes to key in a document or file reference on a PC keyboard, Files can be backed up either as part of existing IT procedures or on portable media such as a DVD or Hard Drive and stored in fireproof cabinets or in some remote location at very little additional expense.

Starting your electronic document storage project need not be as complicated as you would think. Any piece of hard copy can be converted to an electronic file of one type or another, enabling it to be stored in and viewed by a PC or PC-based network, either individually, or as part of a larger electronic archive.

Microsystems provide the integration services for the supply & installation of scanning equipment and software to service the daily needs of the Front Service Counter, the Mailroom or any department within the organization creating & receiving hard copy documentation.

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