What are the Benefits of Document Scanning?

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What are the Benefits of Document Scanning?

The benefits of document scanning are essentially to securitize the information within an organization and increase staff productivity.

It provides the company with disaster recovery benefits.

It gives you a single point of truth, in combination with your Electronic Data such as emails etc so rather than information residing on various desks and filing cabinets – it’s accessible to all who are authorised to access it.

It allows the relevant staff to access a comprehensive set of information and allows management to protect information that shouldn’t be shared amongst all staff members, for example HR records, payroll files— can be accessed only by authorised staff.

Does document scanning and storing digitally, provide increased efficiency?

Absolutely… it’s all about getting the most productivity from all staff, so rather than administration staff filing documents or ferreting through a filing cabinets, the situation where there are inevitable misfiles and so lost time and redundant effort from the staff.

Document Scanning provides easy access to accounting, advertising, manufacturing or marketing information directly from their desktop – this information can then be disseminated to the production staff or clients effectively.

You also have the situation where you can always identify the most recent version of a document or drawing and you’re able to track those versions.

Again, it does come back too creating a single point of truth that brings together all Corporate Information.

There’s also the opportunity for creating really effective workflows, so particularly in accounts payable situation where the incoming mail is scanned or EFT information has come through via email or the fax gateway – it then goes through an known  process of acceptance to the critical people looking at those records, either signing off that, ‘Yes, we’ve received the goods. “Yes that payment is what we were quoted, that should be authorized.’ And so that productivity again is transferred across the accounts payable scenario in a fully electronic process rather than a paper processing and filing situation.

Why would people come and talk to Microsystems about your services?

We’re approached by clients for many reasons. It might well be that it’s an OH&S situation where the storeroom is full and the hallways are now crowded with boxes of records, or that the misfiling has just become  such a problem that they can’t access information when it’s needed.

Many Organisations move premises and downsize the space allocated to each employee forcing the reduction in Paper resources held by staff.

Intrinsically everyone is aware that Technology deployed correctly will create efficiency gains.

The benefits off document imaging are derived by every one of Microsystems clients.

If you scan your vital records it ensures the ongoing survival of the business after a calamity such as a fire or flood, the information is securely backed-up and the recovery process is fully achievable.

External Audits become significantly less nerve racking, the duration of the audit and the auditors confidence level surrounding the company’s financial records being complete and searchable means that the owner of the business or CEO / CFO having the obligation to maintain those records can have fun confidence in the audit outcome.

Whereas if you have combination of a paper / electronic system, you don’t have a single point of truth, you don’t have absolute confidence that if you’re being audited and requested a file that you can access it in a timely fashion and therefore the auditing body whether it be the ATO or some internal auditor really creates doubts about the totality of how the financial records are being maintained within the organization.

If you introduce document scanning in conjunction with Information management system that combines access to all data, this comprehensive approach to records/information management within the organization then becomes a hundred percent approach.

The Net Result comes back to achieving overall staff productivity gains.

These days it’s truly a matter that the more competitive you are, the more nimble and capable of delivering information to your costumers or your potential customers, the perception is that you’re on the ball, client perception and information delivery is everything these days.

If you can demonstrate to your clients that you are able to provide requested information in a timely fashion, you will maintain those relationships much longer than your competition.