Document Management Software

Document Management is an essential technology helping many companies to track and store vital information about their business. A Document Management System
(DMS) allows companies to legally and successfully manage all electronic information such as Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF’s, faxes, emails, photo’s and images, videos and many other kinds of electronic documentation. ELO develops one of the world’s leading Document Management Systems and offers a complete Document Management Solution which includes applications like Document creation, workflow, distribution, version control, filing, document archiving and document storage.

Due to its scalability, ELO software solutions can be used by single users to large corporations. The solutions and products grow along with you, which mean that your ECM/DMS systems will remain perpetually up to date and fully expandable. Moreover, these products and solutions support all relevant functions and can be integrated with other business applications.

Solutions that provide amazing cost benefits include:

  • Document Capture for business process automation
  • Scanning hard copy records to electronic archive
  • Mail and correspondence automation
  • Digitising paper-based information and data capture
  • Integrating DMS with Finance, Sales and Operations systems
  • Automating Accounts Payable processing
  • Conversion of manual workflows into “Less-Paper” solutions

Save time, space and money by converting your paper to legally compliant digital files. Protect your corporate knowledge with automated systems that make storing, finding and distributing of your information a breeze. Ensure that your company meets all corporate governance and compliance regulations for the use and retention of electronic records.

ELO Digital Office is VERS Certified and an NSW Government appointed vendor under GSAS IAMS Contract 2602

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