Data Entry Services

Microsystems provides comprehensive Data Extraction and Data Entry Services, Each month we provide millions of keystrokes and process tens of thousands of files and forms on behalf of our Clients.

Data Entry can be as simple as defining the filenames for scanned images, or undertaking the data extraction from 1,000's of forms every hour.

Handwritten or unstructured (random) data often requires our Human Operators to view, key and verify the correct Index.  Microsystems Double Verify and Validate the Index Data to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Wherever possible we will use our State of the Art Software to perform the recognition of specified Fields' content within a Structured Document to provide a low cost fully Automated Data Extraction Service.

The optical character recognition (OCR) software used by Microsystems is programmed to locate the field’s relevant zones of required data and intuitively “Learns” and optimizes itself to produce the highest levels of automated recognition.

Forms Recognition is a Data Extraction and file naming tool which rapidly processes thousands of documents, Text Recognition or OCR provides an entirely separate function in that it provides searching of the content of the documents.

The data generated via File naming or Data Extraction will be formatted to integrate seamlessly with your I.T. Environment, Microsystems have the experience to upload to all EDM applications or provide retrieval solutions to suit all applications.

We generally provide a cost per form inclusive of all operations when undertaking Software Recognition and a cost per Thousand Keystrokes where Manual Keying of Data is required. This approach is the most transparent way to provide our clients with the services required.

Microsystems also provide consultancy services for the enhancement of existing “Forms” to facilitate Automated Data Extraction.

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