Why would I outsource my data entry projects rather than undertake them internally?

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Generally it’s because the task volume is so sporadic that you don’t have the accessible resources to achieve completion within a timetable that has been prescribed or it’s a task that you simply have no enthusiasm to do.

Being able to have a trusted business partner that can deliver consistent availability, scalability and the methodologies too ensure extremely consistent accurate results is something that you may only utilize now and then as the need occurs.

Many off our clients begin this way but then we are suddenly providing daily processing or monthly database creation from surveys fulfilling the need for a back office service.

We undertake small jobs such as scanning old business card holders to create an Excel spreadsheet of all of the business cards that you’ve accumulated over the last few years through to projects for Royal Commission legal purposes where  we’re extracting information from thousands of physical evidence documents,

Our Standard Practice is to double-verify key all information resulting in extremely high accuracy.

Our efficiency, scale and our methodology is such that we always produce consistently high results. That’s not always achieved internally.

The major benefits for outsourcing data entry / data extraction is both the time benefit of getting the task completed in a much shorter time frame and off equal importance the accuracy of the data being generated via the Double Verified method.