The Benefits of Book Scanning

There has been an increase in the number of people wishing to scan books in recent years, and with that in mind Microsystems proudly offer a professional book scanning service that can be used for a number of reasons. Our book scanning technicians have a wealth of experience in the digitization of original physical documents and we can help you scan and preserve books of historical importance or that contain unique and valuable content.

Digitizing book collections and other collections of historical and personal importance ensures that a person or organisation has access to, often, unique content for a much longer period of time than anticipated. As authentic original copies of books and documents fade over time, the digital versions of those books remain intact. In the worst-case scenario, a rare book, or old newspaper cutting could be lost, damaged or destroyed. If you haven’t taken the time to create a digital version of it, there is no getting it back; the document is lost to the sands of time. With a high-resolution digital copy, you have the ability to reprint if it is necessary.

In terms of conserving rare books and historical documents, the digitization of records ensures that the preservation of the authentic originals is given a boost. By utilising digital copies of original documents, there is less of a need for human contact and the natural wear and tear on documents that are associated with it.

Within some sectors, such as genealogy, libraries and museums, the scanning of historical documents and old, rare books, also has another use aside being a beneficial back up in the worst-case scenario. The digitization of records helps to increase the speed and efficiency for those looking to find specific information. Scanned documents and books can be integrated into existing systems, with metadata attached to the images. This means that whenever someone is searching for information they can quickly and efficiently find the digital copy.

Microsystems has the ability to provide a professional scan that supplies you with an accurate way to preserve the information at hand. To find out more about our book scanning and archive capture service call us on 1800 634 054 and we’ll be happy to discuss in more depth your requirements.