Aperture Card Scanning & Conversion Service

As with microfilm and microfiche scanning, Microsystems has many decades of aperture card scanning experience. Located in Western Sydney NSW, we service clients throughout Australia.

We will scan your engineering drawings to either Tiff or PDF at High Resolution and create accurate filenames or multiple profiles extracted from the Tittle Block Details.

The Aperture Card Scanning Process

Once we have received your aperture cards, we will prep them, scan them, and convert your film into PDF, TIFF, we will then create DVD copy & master discs ready to upload to your Server Environment.

Benefits of Aperture Card Scanning

If the only copy of your engineering drawings is on aperture cards, you run the risk of cards getting lost/misfiled, damaged by flood or fire, drawing retrieval is a time-consuming and entirely manual process. By having Microsystems scan all of your aperture cards, you will experience the following benefits:

    • All drawings on aperture cards are instantly accessible across the network by all users.
    • Disaster prevention and business continuity are assured.
    • You no longer need to maintain an ageing aperture card reader-printer.
    • You can reclaim the office space from reader printer and cabinets of aperture cards.

Microsystems have the High-Speed Equipment and Operator Expertise to quickly create your Digital Archive.

We can also handle all of your microfilm, microfiche, paper document, and engineering drawing/plan scanning needs.

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