How would I go about selecting the best data entry services company?

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Essentially what you need to do is define your requirements first before you approach the market. If you know what you need to achieve then you can relate that clearly to the business providers that are out there, to undertake it for you.

The second thing would be that you’re approaching experienced organizations that have quality assurance protocols in place. Microsystems are “quality assured” to ISO 9001-2008 for Scanning & Data Extraction Services. This means that our staff have the protocols and procedures embedded which are aligned with our quality assurance guidelines to provide consistent results.

Additionally we’re creating individual specifications for each client and for every document classification or form that is presented to us. What that means is that in years from now you can come back with the same application and we already have the specification. Therefore the data will be emulated exactly as it was years previously, updating the excel spreadsheet or the document management application that you’ve got in place and it works seamlessly.

So rather than starting from scratch on every occasion, when you’re working with an organization such as us, we’re maintaining the specifications for what we’ve done for you previously. We know how to emulate that again consistently and our staff retention doesn’t matter – the application instructions are there for all current staff members to deploy accurately first time, every time.

This is a real extra benefit because when people are thinking about initially hiring a data entry services company, they’re just thinking about current timelines, what is equally or more important is ongoing efficiency and the accuracy of the data.

We obviously have to be competitive in the marketplace to earn the business, but then we become a trusted business partner for our clients. From that time onwards we’re available on an as required basis.

Is there any other considerations or factors that would be really important in selecting the right company?

The company needs to have the capacity to fulfil any application. If Data Extraction is a sideline for the business, then you are basically paying people that aren’t professionals in data extraction and not receiving the service levels you deserve.

We undertake millions of keystrokes on a monthly basis, a recent project for 70 million keystrokes was completed in five and a half weeks.

We have scalability, efficiency and the right methodologies which means that you can confidently come to Microsystems and we will deliver on time every time.

We’re more than happy to do one off applications such as a collection of business cards and create an Excel spreadsheet of all the business cards that had been accumulated over years through too mass scale legal discovery processes where the dates are fixed and the timelines have to be adhered too.