How to select the right document scanning specialist?

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It is important to identify what the true needs of your organisation are; a specialist scanning bureau such as Microsystems will be able to provide a very broad understanding of the vital records you should be prioritising and have the specialist equipment and capacity to convert these physical files into digital content quickly.

The Salesperson must have a Records Management focus rather than simply relate the “Technology”, the discussions should be centered on your industry type and the retention rules you need to abide by, in essence the Scanning Bureau that takes the time to visit your premises, assesses your particular needs and provides a tailored response that encompasses the options technology can provide should be your minimum expectation.

We have two types of clients.

Essentially we have one off jobs, like 50 plans, a couple of folders and some books that are resource materials for students and then we have long-standing, long-term relationships where we scan the accumulated files and then initiate document processing workflows or a monthly collection to maintain the repository created.

What I’d like to discuss are the motivations that drive the outsourcing of documents scanned by Microsystems:
Our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Clients generally have the largest issues with regards to document volumes, they are essentially accumulating information continuously, and often they can’t avoid the fact of paper creation because they are reliant on the signature it contains.

Therefore, we’re called in to remove the accumulated backlog for them and then to maintain on an ongoing basis the content creation for their systems. Often we’re providing them with the document management software application deployed throughout the organisation.
The choice involved in Outsourcing the document preparation, scanning and indexing tasks to Microsystems for many off our clients is simply resolving the question of whether it is a cost of doing business or a cost of being in that business .

When choosing the right outsource provider, essentially you need someone that’s both capable of delivering the technology, proactive in giving an understanding of what new innovations are available and how you can create more efficiency and cost savings. Also someone with the capacity to give you the volume, throughput that’s necessary,
Microsystems have a vast array of high speed equipment that provides us with a capacity in excess of 3 million pages scanned per month.

With so many factors involved in this process, what I should be looking for to know I’m making the right decision with the right scanning specialist?

As a starting point, they should be quality assured to ISO 9001- 2008 of which we are. They should have a long standing history. Microsystems have been around since 1975, so effectively 40 years as a specialist document conversion bureau. They should have a diversity of equipment to manage any record type that you might present to them.

The start point is that is you should feel comfortable with the sales representative that is coming out and assessing your individual situation. If they can’t be bothered to come in and meet with you, to have a look at what you’re facing, have a face-to-face conversation and get a true understanding of what your situation is, then they’re really not after your business.

Every client Microsystems Services has an individually tailored quotation. We provide estimates of costs and a full outline of our recommendations so that you have a budget estimate and strategy you can present to management.
We will assess the viability to set you up too internally manage records that are being created or received, once we’ve effectively vacuum cleaned the existing records accumulated.

This approach removes the daunting task for your staff to try an internally scan the volume of records that have been accumulated over many years.
Essentially Microsystems are often called in to Digitise the accumulated files and create the content staffs are able to access information, the resistance to change going from a paper-based filling system to now an electronically accessible system is significantly reduced due to the immediate results Microsystems can provide.

Does Microsystems work with Government Organisations?

Microsystems hold many government contracts. We are a Registered Supplier to NSW Government Departments via the ICT Procurement Services Contract. We are also on the Defense Procurement Contract, and we are the preferred supplier to many, many Councils within NSW.

The inherent benefit of 40 years of record conversion experience means that we’ve come across every record type that’s out there.
All of the variable methodologies that each department may have to file a record whether it’s alpha numerical or whatever we can emulate an electronic system to work within the same framework as the currently embedded EDM Application.

Microsystems have Government Clients using all of the mainstream EDM /ERM /ECM applications, we have the experience to emulate the images and metadata for immediate upload.