Government Department Relocation

Large Government Department Relocation Deadline, 500+ Boxes in 6 Weeks!

Scope of Project

Microsystems were recently awarded the contract to scan an archive of Reports accumulated over a 60-year period.

The initial motivation for the digitisation was due to the department moving premises

The timeline for completion was extremely important for the client as the funding evaporated at the close of the financial year.

During the following 6-week period we uplifted in excess of 520 archive boxes from their Records Department, prepared the files for scanning and subsequently created 1.2 million images for this department.

The collection incorporated every conceivable format which ranged from Colour/Black & White A4 paper size, to Large A0 Drawings. There were various formats of Microfilm & Microfiche, Photos, Negatives and several thousand 35mm slides.

Fortunately, the spine was allowed to be removed from the reports, which was achieved using our in-house guillotine and allows for a much faster and cost-effective put-though.

After completion, the reports were then catalogued by box for easy retrieval and prepared ready for secure off-site storage & archiving.


The completed result is a comprehensive and secure electronic archive that is now easily accessible to government and professional agencies.

It can be easily added to at a later date, ensuring the collection is always complete and up to date.

It has freed up much valuable space and eliminated the damage or loss of these valuable reports.

Our client is extremely happy with the outcomes

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