What is Forms Processing ?

Forms processing is utilizing sophisticated recognition software that will actually analyze a scanned image and using prescribed rules and templates extract the information from the zones or areas of the document. This occurs either through the software intelligence, looking for ABN number or invoice number or supplier number as a preface to the information being printed, or because of the consistent supplier volume, we create a template specifically defining that companies remittance layout.

The software recognizes the various zones by characteristic attributes.

Microsystems use a very sophisticated application from EMC which is called the Dispatcher. It’s recognised as the world’s best. The dispatcher uses multiple OCR engines and rubber banding techniques to ensure that it repeatedly recognizes the document layout via a self-learning process to define, classify and export the information recognised from the image file.

We embed rules within each fielded to be extracted such as the confidence levels of the software recognizing the text that’s recognised, the software will then automatically forward non conforming or questionable data to our human operators to eyeball that zone or the information area, to rekey that data as needed.

This applies if handwritten information is poor quality or that the field does not have the specified characteristics defined within our rule settings. So that field may have been specified as being a numeric field and should be nine characters long. If Dispatcher only recognizes eight characters, or it’s recognized some alpha characters human verification will be undertaken.

Forms Recognition is very rule-based, therefore because of those rules being embedded and the confidence levels intrinsically underlying that, you have a situation where it’s creating extremely accurate results, much more effective than doing a handwritten normal accounts payable data extraction or data entry situation within a business environment.

So outsourcing your accounts payable specifically is a very viable solution for Microsystems. We act as your outsource mailroom facility. We open the mail. We scan the images. We undertake the data extraction from that day’s mail or inbound faxes and emailed remittances. We then upload via SFTP directly to our clients with strict KPI timelines.

So within several hours of receiving a clients mail, it’s been opened, it’s been scanned, we’ve extracted the information and we’ve uploaded it to their system.

The internal workflow protocol can then be initiated through the client environment and the payment process is then undertaken all without having to handle any physical documents, everything is then secured because I.T. is backing up the images. You never have lost documents. You don’t have to file physical records anymore, ever.

So it’s a very streamlined, very efficient and effective way of creating greater efficiency within your accounts payable environment and it’s scalable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small entity with a couple of people working in your accounts payable environment or a very large organization that is dealing with massive amounts of incoming mail, incoming faxes, EFT Remittances, we can help you.