ELOoffice – your document archiving and electronic document management solution

ELOoffice makes daily work both simple and efficient. The software helps you reduce paper flows and enables you to retrieve the information you need rapidly and efficiently. Thanks to the software’s reasonable price and broad range of functions, it is ideally suited for small businesses and individual users.

Simply better organised

ELOoffice’s architecture is based on the classic file archive system with document archives, file cabinets, and registers. This also means that the software can be used right away with a minimum of familiarisation time. You can navigate into the application’s file structure with a mouse click, and can open folders and browse through documents.

Guaranteed future and investment protection

The program’s import and export functions allow users to transfer documents, folders and filing cabinets back and forth remotely between laptops, or update to the larger versions ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise. This seamless product interoperability ensures optimal investment protection in the event of major growth. ELOoffice can also be integrated with other business applications via business process interfaces such as SAP, while ELO Barcode allow you to extend ELOoffice functionalities.

See for yourself!

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Please note that ELOoffice as a stand alone product is currently not available directly from ELO in Australia. We offer ELOoffice as a small business solution from 2 to 5 users. Please contact the office to find our more.


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