ELOenterprise – Architecture that delivers what you need

ELOenterprise is a standout solution thanks to its scalability, client and cluster capabilities, and its interoperability with all leading operating systems. The characteristics and features of ELOenterprise make it ideal for use in large companies and organisations. Thanks to its powerful functions and broad range of configuration options, ELOenterprise is particularly suitable for the management of large amounts of data and large numbers of users.

SOA compliance = an optimally flexible and future-proof solution

The fact that ELO’s functionalities are realised as standalone services and are based on standard protocols means that they intermesh with existing business software in an impeccably simple manner. ELOenterprise’s service oriented architecture (SOA) allows for optimal integration of ELO ECM functions with your specific business processes.

Robustness combined with outstanding availability

ELOenterprise was developed specifically for demanding tasks in large enterprises and thus delivers an outstanding level of performance that supports a high level of scalability and availability, as well as distributed system environments.

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