Document Scanning Pricing Considerations

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Q: What would be some of the factors that would affect the pricing of document scanning for various types of documents?

A: Scanning Costs relate to Scanner Productivity & Preparation Time.

It comes down to the documents in question.

Their age, fragility, whether they’re 80 GSM or onion skin paper, if they need repair prior to scanning.

What quantity of staples needs to be removed during the preparation stage?

The File Indexing requirements need consideration.

Whether we’re scanning in colour or doing auto colour recognition, black and white or greyscale, and whether or not we can use our high-speed scanners that we’ve got throughout our organisation.

Some files need to be manually scanned by our operators one page at a time.

Additionally, whether we’re doing text recognition or OCR.

Whether we’re doing bookmarking or hyperlinking.

If the collection includes Bound Books.

That’s why it’s beneficial to get a salesperson from Microsystems out and have a look at the application that you have so we can assess the volume and come back to you with some predicted costs from a budgetary position.

And then give you a tailored quotation that actually encompasses all of the different characteristics of that file set.