Document Scanners

With such a wide variety of document scanners, it’s wise to talk to a specialist with an understanding of all that’s on the Market to meet your capture needs.

Microsystems sell basically all brands available on the market and offer equipment and software that will definitely give you the best productivity gains.

There are functions to consider such as.

  • Throughput speed
  • Simplex/Duplex
  • B&W/Colour
  • Ultrasonic double page detection
  • Paper sizes & variable thicknesses
  • Flatbed or continuous feed
  • Imprinters & Barcode readers

One of the flow-on benefits of talking with Microsystems when considering a scanning solution is that our core business is actually providing document scanning services so we know through experience the most cost effective scanners/ peripherals and processes to give you the best return on investment regardless of the application.

Simply contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll steer you in the right direction

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