Document imaging and information management

Documents come in various colors, shapes and sizes. If you are looking to apply document imaging technology to your unique requirements then you have come to the right place. As authorised resellers of leading brands of scanners, we are well positioned to integrate and deliver solutions based on your imaging needs.

Remote Scanning is the perfect solution for companies looking to retain control over the scanning process, but who wish to take advantage of the efficiency and large cost savings offered through outsourced remote, centralised image processing and Web-based document repositories. Remote Scanning provides users with the ability to scan documents through their computers or Internet browser using any standard scanner. Scanned documents are transmitted to Microsystems secure document processing servers where they are uploaded to the customer’s Web-based document repository.

All this without the usual investment in custom software, expensive hardware or additional IT resources. Never before has there been a complete document imaging solution easier to implement and operate in virtually any type of business environment.

On-site/Remote Scanning Services

Your business has No capital investment, technology risk, or the pain of managing the process.

  • On-site scanning with no capital investment
  • On-site expertise
  • No technology risk
  • Flat Monthly Fee or Purchase
  • Fujitsu, Kodak, Canon Scanner, PC, Capture Software
  • On-site Support from Scanner Manufacturer
  • Remote Scanning to the WEB – documentsonline or CD-ROM (Alchemy)
  • Safe, Secure, Easy
  • Automated FTP Delivery of Images

Three powerful features make Microsystems Remote Scanning a winner when it comes to providing value in a document imaging system:

Remote Capture – Documents are captured (using a high speed scanner) at the location of origin, usually the most cost effective point to capture documents.

Centralised Processing – Scanned, batches of document images and electronic files are automatically uploaded (using standard Internet connection) to Microsystems central Internet Server, then routed to dedicated processing stations for, Indexing/coding, OCR (optional), quality assurance and database integration. For our customers, this means that all the hassles and most of the work associated with document imaging is no longer their concern!

Customised Document Repository – After processing, document batches are published to our secure, high speed Internet servers, immediately available for user access.

More than half a century old, microfilm media continues to be a safe, reliable and cost-effective, long-term document storage solution. Today, businesses and organisations in government, medical, insurance, finance, manufacturing and libraries throughout the world depend on film-based imaging for their document imaging needs. From reader-printers to planetary cameras, the brands that Microsystems represents continue to be recognized as leaders in establishing standards for image quality, reliability, and for automated features that make its micro graphics products easy-to-use and cost-efficient to own and maintain.

As a total solution provider, Microsystems offers a full line of products to meet yourdocument imaging needs.

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