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How to Transition to a Paperless Work Environment?

Q: How do you transition to a paperless business? A: The first step is to accept that the move from a paper-centric work environment to a fully digital one makes a lot of sense. Essentially, paper files/records are now the outstanding data set that resides outside of a company’s electronic environment. There are a lot […]

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Is a Paperless Office Achievable?

Q: So, is a paperless office really achievable? A: a significant percentage of Australian businesses are a paperless office now. If you look at the quantity of letters being delivered from Australian Post to Australian companies, 90 percent of them are receiving half a dozen envelopes a day for accounts payable and the rest is […]

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Going Paperless – Your Route To The Efficient Office

Paper archives have a number of serious shortcomings, which at best cost time and money, and at worst threaten the viability of an organization. There is first of all the issue of space which is typically at a premium in most organizations. Filing archives take up an ever-increasing, and non-productive, share of the workspace. Archives […]

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