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Document Scanning Solutions

We can scan any documents, the range of document scanning equipment and the experience gathered over 30 years ensures we will competently achieve quality results, regardless if you need several million documents scanned quickly, bound books or large drawings.

Microsystems will identify the most efficient and practical solution to manage the conversion of the records to scanned images, we will provide you with World Class Imaging Software or format them ready to integrate into your Electronic Document Management (EDM) Platform or our Search Software.

We utilize a variety of High Speed Scanning Equipment to efficiently capture huge quantities of documents per month.

Our scanners capture in black & white or colour and we can output in various formats such as Group 4 TIFF, PDF, JPEG etc. These images along with the associated index can be delivered to our customers for import into their existing EDM or provided with Runtime Software at No charge.

The software we use and recommend for document scanning is supported by the World’s Leading Software Corporations such as EMC, Opentext and Adobe. Our Business Partnerships ensure we have the best technology available.

We create millions of images per month using a variety of High Speed Scanners, our high speed scanners are capable of capturing up to 400 images per minute.

Not all clients and conversion requirements are the same but Microsystems ensures with its technology mix we can deliver the best solution for your specific needs.

We provide a Digital Mailroom Service where we scan incoming mail, extract specific information from Accounts Records etc and upload the images and data direct to our clients, fulfilling the most mundane component of the Workflow initiative.

Whether outsourcing a single function, or an entire conversion process, Microsystems has the experience, capacity and functional competencies necessary to meet and exceed your document scanning expectations.

Other Scanning Services:

1) Remote Scanning

2) On site conversions

3) Forms Processing and Data Capture

4) Document-Web Hosting

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